Monday, June 8, 2009

How To Run A Record Label!!!!

Hello everyone,
I am the chair of marketing at a very successful record label that deals primarily with the distribution of rap music. Just recently I have received some emails of how do I market the image of rap, and how do I get the lyrics out of the radio and make it into a lifestyle and culture? Well I’m here to tell you first hand that it took a lot of research, and time sacrifice to be able to market not just an art form, but an image through an art form. See, what a lot of the casual radio listeners don’t know is that we really don’t care what comes out of the mouth of the artist, as long as the artist can make the label money, we are happy. It was easy to present an image to the people who listen to rap music the most(of course we all know that would be black people). Now I’m not trying to sound racist, but to be a great marketer, u must understand your market, and our market is targeted to attract the young black age group. This is the age group that buys the most rap albums. 13-18. Not only do blacks buy the album they are actually buying into the fake image that we have set for rap music. Our marketing of music is so successful that we have catapulted from just music, but into an entire way of life, way of thinking. We can now control the though process of most blacks and dictate what we want them to say and how to dress. We have even become so great at our jobs that even us white people can say nigger without being a racist. Thank Paul Wall for that, you have just broken down a racial barrier sir, through your music. Not only are record labels supporting our marketing of rap, so are clothing companies, car companies and alcohol companies alike are lining up trying to figure out the best way to entice the black individual. Hey rappers smoke and drink and wear fancy clothes and jewelry, why can’t the regular black person do the same. Hey, those people just keep feeding us money so they obviously support and encourage the music that welcomes crime and poverty. It’s not hurting us white people so I say let’s keep at it. This is how I became so great at what I do, I just give black people what they want at a large hypnotizing rate. They no longer look for content, they look for style and the next best high. So next time when you walk in a black area, just look at all the Escalades, and Mercedes, and all the men walking with their pants down low with nothing but a wife beater, and the girls walking around looking just like prostitutes, and the large amounts of apts and not houses, you have me to thank. I brought about this image of living for the black community and they bought into it. I have the black community to thank for making me a rich white man. To end I would like to give thanks to those who have helped me become rich; Pastor Troy, D4L, Soulja Boy Tell Em, Paul Wall, Mike Jones, Ying Yang Twins, Lil John….and Those Eastside Boyz, Lil Wayne, Hurricane Chris, Rich Boy, and the list could go on and on. Thanks a lot guys. Keep up the great work. Your acting as gangster is amazing and blacks all over the world are buying into it and making me rich.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Black Male Educator

This guy...who do you think you are? Why are you spreading the joy of knowledge to our African American men throughout classrooms around the world? Why are you a black male inside of a classroom teaching our future how to read, and how to do math, and how to be able to speak properly? Man our black future is supposed to be looking up to jeezy, t.i.p and lil scrappy for their black heritage and culture. We are supposed to be teaching our youth that the only way to be successful is to leave high school and go straight to the pros with out knowing the difference between a verb and a noun. How dare you be a standout in the African American community, teaching that education is the true way to make it in the world today. How dare you be literate and have expectations for these men. You would rather use your intellect to subdue confrontation instead of violence. You call yourself a role model? Please, we don’t need you. We have all the role models for our black men without you. Look, we have drug dealers, who make a fortune on hard work and honest money. We have rappers who talk about only sex, drugs, money, and death. Oh, and of course if you’re talented with a ball you can go play in the pros. So we don’t need you Male Black Educator. You think you’re high and mighty with your college degrees trying to give a better future to our young black men. Our future is set. You really thought you could change the perception of black men as being ignorant and illiterate? You can never change that. You’ll never be able to change that because we don’t want to leave from where we are. We are too comfortable as people with the state of the young black man in society, we don’t care if we’re ignorant and can’t speak properly. So we definitely don’t need you Male Black Educator.